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About Cloud a la carte

Cloud a la Carte is a web design and consulting organization located in Sudbury, Massachusetts, dedicated to helping small businesses, non-profit organizations and schools build a successful online strategy.

The Internet has reached a gigantic size and the way we use it has drastically evolved. At the beginning of 2012, there were 550 Million websites and 126 millions blogs ; Facebook had 845 million users and served one trillion page views per month. Social media and search engines have changed the way we use the Internet.

Having an online presence has become much more than having a simple website; it is about new ways of engaging with your audience. It requires having your website being well ranked by search engines, publishing content that changes regularly and being active on social media sites.

Furthermore, with the advent of Cloud Computing, the Internet has become much more than a communication tool; it can help you streamline your internal processes at a very low cost. Complex applications for accounting, customer relationship management, volunteer management, online collaboration and much more are now accessible to everybody for free or at a very low cost.

Cloud a la Carte gives you more than a website...

... it gives you an online strategy

Cloud a la Carte services help you:

  • Design your website to be the center piece of your online presence
  • Take part in the social media revolution
  • Get found by search engines and in online directories

... it delivers integrated online solutions

Cloud a la Carte solutions help you :

  • Manage documents, event calendars, product catalogs or newsletters from your website
  • Establish an easy to use publishing process for frequent website update
  • Engage and collaborate with users, members or customers through online tools

Cloud a la Carte is more than a web design company...

... it is your local partner:

Cloud a la Carte enables you to:

  • Partner with a local trusted advisor who understands your needs and your processes
  • Receive one on one training to keep your website up to date
  • Get maintenance and optimization services to keep your online strategy current

The name Cloud a la Carte represents the combination of "cloud", a metaphor for the Internet as used in "Cloud Computing" and "à la carte", a reference to a list of services ordered separately to get the best results.

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